Max Price Reset - Reprice Amazon with Smart Repricing to get the Amazon Buy Box at the Highest Price

Max Price Reset/Scheduled Max Pricing - Get the Amazon Buy Box at the Highest Price in One Click

Continually repricing down has been a bane of Amazon Sellers using Repricers. Although still massively effective at increasing profits, Repricers have had a habit of repricing downwards which was frustrating for users. The problem we get into is that Repricers don't usually price back up. Therefore once they pull your prices down and you get the Buy Box the prices can get stuck there, even when you could still have the Buy Box but at a higher price.

This gets more interesting as research shows that having the Buy Box is the vital thing here, not having the lowest price. So if we can get the Buy Box at a higher price there is a large additional profit to be quickly and easily made.

If the average seller who sells just 20 …

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How Repricing Software Can Give You An Edge In E-Commerce

Any seller who has more SKUs than the number of toes on their right foot knows that manual repricing is a headache. Not only do prices change by the minute, there is a lot more than low price that goes into your success as a seller. Get a repricer to save you time to focus on the truly important stuff – building a relationship with your buyers through follow-up and customer support. Far more economical than hiring a personal assistant, your repricer is the best 'help' that you can get. As your profits and popularity soar, you will watch it pay for itself many times over!

Repricing software requires only the bare minimum input from you. Just enter the relevant details of your stock, plus your desired floor and ceiling prices, and …

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Continuous Repricing

Seller Republic is happy to announce that continuous repricing (also known as instant repricing) is a standard on all accounts regardless of the price plan and at the same price! This ultimately pushes your price changes quicker; get's you the buy box quicker and fundamentally makes you more money.

Amazon Repricing Software

What is Continuous/Instant Repricing?

Unlike much of the competition Seller Republic has stepped ahead in that we are notified of price changes on Amazon instantly and then process and send price updates to Amazon straight away rather than on the 15 minute or hourly rotor that many repricers are stuck to.

The way most repricers work is by checking prices hourly or every 15 minutes. If a price change has been made by a competitor that triggers your pre-set strategy, the repricer submits an updated price to Amazon and they then wait for the price change to be pushed live …

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Make Amazon an arbitrage-friendly zone. With a few hours of work per week, and these five tips from our blog, you can quickly set yourself up with an income of a few thousand bucks a month or more! Know anything cooler than that?


The first and most important task for beginners is to familiarize themselves with the rules of selling on Amazon. Start at this page, and work your way ahead. Knowing the rules of the game before you begin to play will save you the cost of learning by error, later on.

If in doubt, ask away! Join a sellers' forum and have your doubts cleared by those who have walked before you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Amazon changes the rules frequently, and the savvy seller must find ways to stay updated. Often there are different rules for different product …

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How to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings for 2016 - Amazon Marketing

How To Rise To The Top Of Amazon's Search Results By Optimizing Your Amazon Product Listings For 2016 - Amazon SEO

So all of you are reading this big title above and thinking "What does optimizing your Amazon listing have to do with MY Amazon business"? You are in the business of selling brand name products under Amazon product listings that are already created. You are fiercely competing for that oh-so-precious "Buy Box" under that listing. That is why you are here reading about Seller Republic's repricing software, right? Well if you are already involved in E-commerce by wholesale or retail arbitrage, you know how new ideas can spring about at any given moment. You can be successful at selling brand name goods at low prices under already created listings…, but what if you ever wanted to expand your Amazon business by listing your own brand name products? You'd …

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The Best Social Media Tools of 2016

A quick Internet search will reveal that there are almost more social media tools than there are One Direction fans, and the number is growing each day. As a business owner, there is a pressing need to reach your target demographic by surfing the social media wave, but are your efforts oriented in the right direction? Not only must you contend with a vast number of competitors, but also with the ever decreasing attention spans of consumers. Is your content viral or a virus?

Here are 10 of our favorite social media tools that can help you make a difference:


Buffer can be used for scheduling and sharing your posts to LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook throughout the day – at optimal times. It's a simple tool, and it includes detailed analytics that will tell you what is working when, why, and where. Its best feature is a browser …

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Top Tools for Amazon Sellers

Learn how the Pro's Turbo Charge their Amazon Businesses

Selling on Amazon can be a lucrative full time business or something that you do part-time to earn extra money. Anyone who has attempted to sell a product on Amazon knows how time consuming the process can be. Everything from finding a good product to sell to calculating potential profits can eat away at valuable hours of your time that could be spent growing your online business. Below we will show you some top tools for Amazon sellers.

Automation Tools for Amazon

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is the go-to software for Amazon FBA private label sellers. To be clear from the start we will be talking about 2 separate tools that Jungle Scout offers. They work very well together, so most purchase both.

Finding the right niche and product to sell on Amazon can be a daunting task. Jungle Scout eliminates the tedious hours spent …

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