A quick guide to Amazon Business

Originally launched in the US in 2015, Amazon has found a great deal of success with their Amazon Business program, generating over $1 billion in sales in their first year. Building on that, they expanded the program to include Amazon Germany in 2016, and most recently to Amazon UK earlier this year (2017). With over 50,000 businesses utilising the German site for sales, it continues to grow making it a tool worth investigating for all B2B sellers.

Here we've uploaded a handy guide to explain what it is and some information that can help you decide if it's the right tool for your business.

So what exactly is it?

Amazon Business is a marketplace feature on Amazon that works as a targeted way for businesses to engage professional customers in supply chain relationships. Having a Business Seller account functions in a similar way as a regular account, but with special …

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Amazon Sponsored Products: The Basics

Already got the Buy Box but looking to take your sales one step further? Amazon Sponsored Products could offer the extra edge needed to get clicks on your listings and boost your profits even further.

How does it work?

Much like ads displayed in Google Adwords, Sponsored Products are essentially image ads that appear alongside other search results. In Amazon, however, the difference between sponsored posts is slightly more subtle, with only a small grey Sponsored tag appearing beside the paid for ads. These feature above, to the side or even in between other search results, leading to high visibility. They also tend to feature on the carousel of the product features page as related searches.

In order to be eligible for Sponsored Products, you must meet a few requirements; you have to be an active Seller with new product listings in an applicable category - note that used or …

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7 reasons customers are abandoning their shopping carts

There is nothing more frustrating to an ecommerce seller than losing a customer just before they were about to buy a product. With Baymard reporting that over two thirds of shopping carts are being abandoned before purchase, it's a problem that many sellers can relate to. Below we will go through some of the reasons for shopping cart abandonment and explain how they can be rectified in order to get that sale.

1. Overcomplicated checkout stage

Make sure your checkout stage is as simple as possible. If customers have to fill out lots of forms before getting to the payment stage it's very likely they will quit out of the process. Buyers want their journey to be as streamlined as possible to save time. Try not to add pop-up offers at this stage either - this is just another inconvenience for the customer to get through before paying.

It is …

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5 Mistakes to avoid when selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon can be complex and at times it can be hard to understand why products aren't shifting. Part of being a successful seller on Amazon is having an airtight strategy in place, which means making sure your customer service is up to scratch and your processing system is running smoothly. Below are five common mistakes people can make when starting out on Amazon, that can mean low sales levels, and what to do to avoid them.

Amazon repricer

Slow response to customers

Customer engagement is hugely important in running a successful ecommerce business. It shows customers you care and can help set you apart from other companies. The better your service is, the more likely people are to buy from you and become repeat customers.

Not only will delayed responses to customers negatively impact your image, but on Amazon it can even lead to your account being suspended. Amazon gives …

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Using Amazon’s Biased Algorithms

A recent report by ProPublica seems to have confirmed suspicions that Amazon's proprietary algorithms are weighted towards furthering its own retail business instead of necessarily offering consumers the best value deals. More often than not, Amazon leads customers to Prime-enabled and Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) listings first, meaning independent sellers are less likely to get business for that product.

ProPublica's report reflects Amazon's incredible growth; as the number of Prime users continues to skyrocket, Amazon has also opened 120 new US based fulfilment centres over the past year. They also currently offering Prime Now in over 30 cities in the US, 9 in the UK and many more worldwide. As it gains even more of the retail share market, it is becoming increasingly essential for sellers to know how to work the system to ensure continued sales.

One such way is by using FBA. Whilst it can have its downsides, …

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Amazon Influencers

When you're an Amazon seller it's important to stay ahead of the curve, but with the market constantly shifting and new technology changing the game, it's not always an easy task.

Thankfully, there are dedicated Amazon influencers whose websites, blogs and social media accounts allow them to pass on their knowledge and keep you at the forefront of the selling game.

Here's our list of the experts that will improve your selling game no end. Amazon Influencers

1. Richard Lazazzara

Who better to tell you about the ups and downs of building a successful eCommerce business then someone who has done it all from scratch themselves? Having also written for ecommerce blog giant Shopify, Richard Lazazzera started off the website A Better Lemonade Stand to document his ecommerce journey and share the information he was learning in the process, but it's now grown into one of them most comprehensive eCommerce sites …

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Perfect Amazon Product Title and Description - Short Guide Writing Style

When it comes to listing a product on Amazon, sellers must keep in mind they are competing with hundreds of other users. Subsequently, in order to stand out from the competition and gain an edge, they must write perfect product titles and descriptions, to attract more consumers and boost sales.

Excellent and unique product titles and descriptions not only provide prospective buyers the info they require, but also increase the chances of them purchasing the item. So, without further ado, let us look at a few tips on how to write perfect Amazon product titles and descriptions.

Writing Product Titles

Basic Elements of Amazon Product Titles

Every Amazon product title should include these four basic elements:

  • Manufacturer/Company/Brand Name
  • Flavor, Variant, or Color
  • Quantity (number of units in your product) and Unit Size (if it is apparel or clothing)
  • Product Name or keyword (to describe what the product actually is)

Best …

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