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‘Speed’ - Continuous/Instant Repricing As Standard

Selling Arbitrage, do you have branded listings with competitors for the Buy Box? Maximize your time in the precious Buy Box space, and at the highest price possible. Price check every few seconds, and bulk submit price changes every 2-3 minutes. Known as continuous instant repricing. The fastest on the market, the fastest Amazon´s servers can handle. 

  • Continuous/Instant Repricing. The fastest method possible.
  • Lightning-fast in-app performance and intelligent predictive search.
  • A carefully thought-out infrastructure that balances ultimate reliability with the speed and performance necessary to ensure you consistently reprice in time and ensure you maintain maximum profits even when competing against rival repricing solutions.

The Quickest Amazon Repricer - Seller Republic

Fast, Safe, Reliable and Secure. Fast, yet solid and reliable performance. *Please note continuous repricing, also known as instant repricing, works on a theoretical basis of Amazon providing price updates every 2 seconds and collecting price changes every 2 minutes, thus the maximum speed currently available. Additional time constraints are Amazon server update times that can vary, similarly as updates performed within Seller Central.

Amazon Repricing Made Easy


♦ All International Marketplaces Included
♦ In Built Win Buy Box Rule
♦ True 3-Minute Set Up
♦ Continuous Repricing
♦ Ultra Secure Technology
♦ Intelligent & Advanced Repricing Rules
♦ Fully Responsive & Mobile-Friendly
♦ Fast, Advanced & Instant Predictive Search
♦ Chat & Email Support
♦ Safe Mode
♦ Pricing History
♦ Advanced Filtering
♦ Reprice 24/7
♦ Dashboard Analytics
♦ Advanced Filtering
♦ Condition Repricing
♦ Hourly New Product Imports
♦ CSV Upload
♦ Up to 1000000 Listings on Standard Plans
♦ Video Support & Tutorials
♦ Inactive & Backordered Support
♦ PDF & Excel Reporting
♦ Exclude Competitors & Amazon
♦ Support for Prime & FBA


Intelligent Amazon Repricing/Max Price Reset – Reprice Up!

  • Max Price Reset - Reprice up, down and match intelligently to ensure maximum profits not just sales. Reprice up to your max price once per day to get pricing started again when competing against a competing Repricer.
  • In-built ‘Win Buy Box’ strategy. Compete with Buy Box Owners or Lowest Price & Set Rules for when to not reprice.
  • Reprice up, down and match as standard. You can even set your Prices to rise once the competition goes out of stock, thus maximizing profits. Set an unlimited amount of your own strategies. Make advanced additional pricing rules.

Amazon Selling Tools to Grow

Seller Republic understands that repricing is about maximizing profit not just maximizing sale numbers. Intelligently reprice up and down dependent on your competitors actions. A built-in win buy box strategy as standard and the possibility to set an infinite number of new strategies depending on your goals. Seller Republic is constantly tested against competing repricers where it wins at gaining the buy box and/or succeeds in increasing the selling price.

Amazon Reprice Up

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