Selling on Amazon can be complex and at times it can be hard to understand why products aren't shifting. Part of being a successful seller on Amazon is having an airtight strategy in place, which means making sure your customer service is up to scratch and your processing system is running smoothly. Below are five common mistakes people can make when starting out on Amazon, that can mean low sales levels, and what to do to avoid them.

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Slow response to customers

Customer engagement is hugely important in running a successful ecommerce business. It shows customers you care and can help set you apart from other companies. The better your service is, the more likely people are to buy from you and become repeat customers.

Not only will delayed responses to customers negatively impact your image, but on Amazon it can even lead to your account being suspended. Amazon gives Sellers 24 hours to respond to inquiries - missing too many inquiries in the allotted time-frame can lead to negative points and suspension. If you find it difficult to stay on top of these things, try setting a daily reminder or setting aside an hour of your day dedicated to replying to messages.

Shipping and fulfilment delays

One of the key reasons people shop on Amazon is because of the speed at which they are able to receive their items. Missing shipping deadlines or selling something that is out of stock can be a serious negative mark against your company and reflects badly on your customer service.

Making one or two mistakes isn't the end of the world. It can sometimes be possible to rectify the client's complaints with a kindly-worded email explaining what happened. However, if this is a mistake you are making repeatedly, then it's worth considering the use of FBA. This will take all the stress out of shipping as it will all be handled for you by Amazon.

Feedback errors

Another crucial part of Amazon strategy is getting good feedback. Not only are potential customers more likely to trust your products, but it will also get them ranked higher in search listings. The higher the quantity of feedback, the better as well.

Instead of assuming your customers will give you feedback, it's a good idea to have a system in place to request feedback. Try sending some follow up emails that can both serve as a way to request feedback but also address any problems customers might have had . This means you can avoid negative reviews. Remember to avoid manipulating feedback as well, as this can be obvious to buyers and can lead to getting your account suspended.

Pricing too high or too low

Knowing your competition is a must in Amazon and it's vital to make sure you're selling at competitive prices. Pricing too high will stop consumers buying from you, even if your product has great reviews. It can also cause Amazon to deactivate your listing if they believe the price is extortionately high. Pricing too low may get you more business, but you could be devaluing your product and cutting the margins smaller than they have to be.

One solution to this is to use an Amazon repricer which will quickly and effectively scan the market for similar products and automatically raise or lower your prices accordingly. Having the right price is essential for boosting sales, which in turn will land your listings at the top of the page in searches.

Improper product descriptions

For self branded products, not having the right keywords in your product titles and descriptions can mean potential customers aren't finding your listings, so you aren't getting sales. Make sure you put in detailed but comprehensive descriptions that are SEO optimised and will attract customers.

For an extra boost, try using Amazon Sponsored Ads. This will help by placing your listings in prominent places on the search place but also allows you to harness data about what words customers are searching for. Once you have this information, you can easily tailor your product descriptions and keywords to include the most commonly or relevant searched for terms.

Many of these mistakes may seem simple but they are ones that are commonly made. By avoiding them with the simple strategies set out above you can boost sales in no time.

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