When it comes to listing a product on Amazon, sellers must keep in mind they are competing with hundreds of other users. Subsequently, in order to stand out from the competition and gain an edge, they must write perfect product titles and descriptions, to attract more consumers and boost sales.

Excellent and unique product titles and descriptions not only provide prospective buyers the info they require, but also increase the chances of them purchasing the item. So, without further ado, let us look at a few tips on how to write perfect Amazon product titles and descriptions.

Writing Product Titles

Basic Elements of Amazon Product Titles

Every Amazon product title should include these four basic elements:

  • Manufacturer/Company/Brand Name
  • Flavor, Variant, or Color
  • Quantity (number of units in your product) and Unit Size (if it is apparel or clothing)
  • Product Name or keyword (to describe what the product actually is)

Best Practices

To create the best titles, follow these simple rules:

  • Avoid using ampersands (&) in titles, unless they are part of the brand name.
  • "and" should always be written in lowercase letters
  • All numbers should be numerals (5 not "five)
  • Spell out measurements – pound, ounce, Inch
  • Always capitalize the first letter of each word

Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these mistakes in your titles:

  • Color (if your product is not available in multiple colors, as it will mislead the buyer)
  • Size (if not relevant with your product)
  • Symbols like "!,?, $"
  • Self-praise (No.1 Seller)
  • Promotions (20% Discount)
  • Seller Information
  • Words in ALL CAPS
  • Price

Writing Product Descriptions

Define Your Buyer Persona

Your "Buyer Persona" is characteristically an imaginary customer: the person you think you have developed your product for and how it proved handy for him/her. In simple words, this person represents your target audience. By clearly defining your persona, you can add the relevant info needed to transform your product-centric descriptions into "customer-centric" descriptions. You can also be more persuasive, vivid, and personal by visualizing your buyer persona when writing product descriptions.

Create a Comprehensive List of Features and Benefits

Prospective clients want to know what your product is and what it does. However, what they wish to learn more is how it improves their lives. Therefore, when writing product descriptions, create a comprehensive list of specs and features, and translate them into benefits. Know the difference between a feature and a benefit. Features are facts about your product and benefits are explanations of what a particular feature does for the buyer. Benefits can be phrased as a problem that can be reduced or avoided (decreases stress) or as a positive (improves productivity).

Define Your Tone of Voice

Do you want to engage readers with a dash of humor or sound like a professional big corporation? Define your tone and stick to it throughout every listing you add. Your tone can give a strong impression of your personality and differentiate you from your competitors. For instance, instead of remarking that your customer service is excellent, let your tone show how interesting, friendly, and approachable you are when it comes to understanding customers' needs and demands.

Therefore, now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above, writing perfect Amazon product titles and descriptions will not be a problem. Once you start creating good product titles and descriptions, you will benefit from better ranking in Amazon's Products Listings. This makes it easier to attract more prospective customers.

Having the best product description for your Amazon products also ensures the potential buyer receives all the information they need before deciding to purchase the product, and helps with essential Amazon SEO for your listings too.