Max Price Reset

It is recommended to turn on Max Price reset on all listings. This ensures your prices are pushed to their max once per day, middle of the night, when little to no sales are coming through. This allows us to continually reprice to find your optimum selling price. Max Price Reset is found in the ´Advanced Price Reset Options´ section when adding an AI strategy, or on opening any Win Buy Box strategy.

Algorithmic AI Repricing (Climb The Amazon Search Rankings) - Private Label

*Although Algorithmic price optimization is generally used for Private label products, it can also be used for any listing including Arbitrage.

Algorithmic Repricing is effectively your AI robot working 24/7 365 days a year without rest. Give your strategy a name ´AI Boost 1´ for example. Choose a time-period to evaluate sales history and price points (please note Seller Republic only begins pulling …

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