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Pre-Sale Questions

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to bill for each strategy you apply to a listing. We can only bill you on your total number of 'Active' listings and users can then apply strategies to all their listings.

To reduce listings you would need to delete them from Seller Central.

Nope! Our software is completely web-based and runs on any modern web browser. This also means that you can use our software on your tablet, smartphone, or any device that has a web browser.

We also designed our app to be completely mobile-friendly! It will look nice and still be easy to use whether you're on your desktop/laptop, tablet, or phone.

Yes, as of 2023 Seller Republic offers fully fledged Algorithmic Repricing perfect for Private Label. Included at no extra cost. *This is in addition to our standard rule-based Repricing, for Win Buy Box arbitrage repricing. 

Yes Continuous (Also known as Instant Repricing) is offered as standard on all price plans at no extra cost.

*Please note that once price changes are sent to Amazon, like with all repricers we need to wait for the Amazon servers to action the change and that can take a few minutes or more depending on their server load. See here for more details

No, we currently do not offer an annual plan but we may consider it in the future.

You can have 1 of each regional marketplaces per account.

No, we like to make things easy for our customers! We offer a fully-functional 14-day free trial with all our plans. All you need to sign up is an email address. You can get started in less than a minute!

Seller Republic currently works in all regions. For newly added regions please contact Seller Republic support for bespoke activation.

General Questions

We use multiple systems to reprice your products. Unfortunately, Amazon's system can be contradictory for back-ordered products, thus meaning back-ordered products cannot be fully repriced until the Amazon system fully reconciles. This usually takes between 1-3 days, though can vary depending on your account and Amazon FBA fulfillment center being used. Products on back-order status are highlighted. 

We show your Buy Box percentage based on your actual active/live listings and their current live status. Amazon includes inactive listings and their figure is historic.

Yes, we would love to hear from you! Please send us a message.

Max price reset raises your price once per day only, about 3am. Usually, Max Price reset will revert back to the same price within an hour. Remember if you price too high, you lose the buy box and whilst you are priced too high you lose the exposure of the buy box. Buy Box exposure is the most important aspect of Repricing.

Seller Republic offers condition repricing as standard on all accounts. Meaning you can reprice differing condition types i.e. new for used, used for reconditioned, new for refurbished, etc. Seller Republic will automatically reprice you like for like if condition repricing is not enabled, for example, if you are selling a used product it will only reprice you against other used items.

The Amazon AI has checked your pricing habits for the past. When you have turned on Seller Republic it has upgraded your pricing. The Amazon AI has realized it is different and deactivated products. To fix simply go to SellerCentral>Inventory>Fix Price Alerts *This may happen 3-4 times before the Amazon AI recognizes your new pricing habits.

Yes, our repricer can reprice both up and down. We provide you the option to reprice above/below the current Buy Box Winner or the competition with the current lowest price.

No, our repricer works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We run on a secure cloud-based system to ensure total uptime.

Seller Republic collects information from Amazon, via an API, such as Buy Box winner and lowest price. The Buy Box winner in the API is an overall winner, but this does not mean that they win in every circumstance. The Amazon Buy Box winner can change based on inventory location and customer intended destination. Although, in most circumstances the Buy Box winner the API sends will be the correct one.

By default, the time zone is set to UTC. You can change your time zone under the My Profile settings.

Seller Republic offers condition repricing as standard on all accounts. Meaning you can reprice differing condition types i.e. new for used, used for reconditioned, new for refurbished, etc. Seller Republic will automatically reprice you like for like if condition repricing is not enabled, for example, if you are selling a used product it will only reprice you against other used items.

Seller Republic uses an advanced method that ensures prices are sent to Amazon as quickly as possible. This is known as Continuous Repricing (Also know as Instant Repricing).

When a change on Amazon triggers your pricing strategy, we are notified instantly by Amazon. We then check if any other of your listings also need changing and then batch these together to submit to Amazon. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to a maximum 2 minutes.

*Please note that once price changes are sent to Amazon, like with all repricers we need to wait for the Amazon servers to action the change and that can take a few minutes or more depending on their server load. See here for more details

Seller Republic is notified of price changes as soon as they occur on Amazon and submits new prices in batches within seconds (Maximum 120 seconds). The system we use is the fastest method available to get your price changes on Amazon and is called Continuous Repricing (Also known as Instant Repricing).

*Please note that once price changes are sent to Amazon, like with all repricers we need to wait for the Amazon servers to action the change and that can take a few minutes or more depending on their server load. See here for more details

We sync inventory data hourly.

Firstly go to SellerCentral>Inventory>InventoryReports. Click 'Customise the columns for this report'. Next, choose 'All listings report'' from the dropdown and make sure all fields are selected. 

Now go back to SellerCentral>Inventory>InventoryReports. Choose 'All Listings Report (Custom)' from the Inventory Reports dropdown. Click 'Request Report' and download when generated. 

We will need to open this report in excel. We can then sort by ASIN and use this report to match up to the Seller Republic CSV file, that can be found here.

*Please note ideally min and max prices should be removed from Seller Central to avoid Amazon AI pricing alerts and product deactivations. If you find large numbers of deactivations these can be quickly fixed in bulk using 'Fix Price Alerts' in Seller Central. Usually, these alerts persist for a day or two before the Amazon AI understands your changes. 

A CSV file is a type of spreadsheet that allows us to extract your pre-set data quickly and instantly apply it to your account. The CSV can be a master file for updating products in bulk.

A normal spreadsheet may often be a .xlsx file. To upload this file type to Seller Repupblic it will need to be re-saved as CSV.

Usually, your Excel or equivalent software will have a 'Save As' or 'Export' function that allows you to choose CSV from a list.

Alternatively, with the free Google Sheets tool, you can upload your spreadsheet and then click file>download>Comma-seperated values (.csv, current sheet).

Please note the below rule/strategies compete to get you the buy box, therefore once you have the buy box they automatically stop repricing to ensure you don't reprice against yourself.

  • WIN the Buy Box.
  • Below the Buy Box Winner Price
  • Above the Buy Box Winner Price
  • Match the Buy Box Winner Price

If you would like to continue to reprice when you have the buy box please use one of the lowest price rules/strategies, as below:

  • Below the Lowest Price
  • Above the Lowest Price
  • Match the Lowest Price

Simply follow this link and insert your email to request a new verification:

In Seller Republic you will notice that when you have the buy box a green tick shows on your product in your Seller Republic Listings. This makes it easier to identify which products may need some attention to get the coveted Buy Box. In some cases you may have the Buy Box yet there could be a delay of up to 15 minutes until Seller Republic recognizes you controlling the Buy Box and applying the green tick to your listings.

All repricers are reliant on Amazon feeds to let us know about price changes, movements and who controls the Buy Box. Amazon as standard only sends a repricer new information when a 'competitor' changes their price and this triggers a feed to be sent to us which also includes whether or not you control the Buy Box.

Therefore if we send a new price to Amazon which gets you the Buy Box we won't be aware of it until a competitor changes their price, which triggers a feed being submitted to us with that price change and also whether or not you control the buy box.

In most cases a competitor will not instantly change their price (unless they are also using a repricer), therefore there is a delay until our system becomes aware of your Buy Box status. To overcome this we have a fall back option that forces a pull of your buy box status every 15 minutes.

If you want to come back to Seller Republic after revoking our access to your Amazon account you will need to follow the below steps.

  • Log in to Seller Central
  • Hover over settings
  • Choose User Permissions
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • In the Revocation history, under the 'Action' column choose 'Authorize' Seller Republic

*If you did not revoke our access to your Amazon account then there is nothing you need to do when coming back.

For continuous repricing Amazon only provides data for the lowest priced 3-5 competitors and the buy box holder for each listing. Therefore we need to reprice against either the Buy Box price or lowest priced competitor. 

Yes! There's an optional Cost field where you can enter your listing's cost. When filled in, you'll also be able to use the cost when setting your min/max prices and we'll calculate your profit automatically!

See our blog post for more info.

Your security is important to us. Our entire website uses SSL encryption to prevent eavesdropping. We also perform regular backups of your data. On the repricing side, we incorporate various failsafes to prevent pricing errors.

Listings normally import in about 30 minutes.

For users operating on non English speaking markets, please note we can only import your feeds if your data export language is English. If your data export language is not English it can be changed to English via Seller Central.

If your account is in English or you have changed your data feeds to English yet your listings are still not showing please contact us here.

Seller Republic can work on all accounts regardless of language. However, in order for Seller Republic to read your account we need to read the reports Amazon submits to us in English. In many cases your reports will already be set to English but in case they are not please follow the below instructions.

To request that reports be translated into the English language, log in to Seller Central and select Settings > Account Info > Feed Processing Report Language > English. After you enable this setting, both the headers and the contents of the reports will be in English. This option is available in all marketplaces except the United States and Canada.

The Buy Box Strategies (Win Buy Box, Below the Buy Box, Above the Buy Box, Match the Buy Box) stop repricing once you hold the buy box to stop you repricing against yourself. To continue repricing once you have the Buy Box we can use the strategies that reprice against the lowest price (Above the Lowest Price, Match the Lowest Price, Below the Lowest Price).

We also have this feature too that maximizes your selling price, buy Box time and keeps your price as high possible:

Additionally we can have different prices for both FBA and FBM. By using the - symbol we could also go higher than FBM and lower than FBA for example or vice versa.

You can see all your listings by using the filter listings button on the listings page (Red button, top left) and selecting 'Include Inactive Listings. Alternatively, you can follow this link: View Inactive Listings

Max Price Reset/Scheduled Max Pricing is a feature found on the 'Add Strategy' page. The feature allows you to schedule a daily automatically raise of your prices to your max to lose the buy box momentarily. This gets repricing restarted when holding the buy box and using the win buy box strategies.

Will help those who want to use buy box strategies but still reprice once you take control of the buy box (repricing stops when you have the buy box to stop you competing with yourself).

Activation of this on a strategy triggers you losing the buy box in the early hours of the morning (when no sales come through). This will get repricing started again, and then allow you to retake the buy box yet at the highest price possible.

You can read more about this here:

Our pre-configured 'Win Buy Box' strategy is our carefully researched formula for obtaining the Buy Box at the highest price. This formula is going through constant changes as the Amazon algorithm develops.

The 'Win Buy Box' strategy is a generic and quite aggressive strategy. It is useful for tricky listings and to get quickly set up. For best use of Seller Republic custom strategies are recommended based on your own metrics. The Win Buy Box strategy will only compete with the Buy Box holder (Whether FBA or FBM).

For FBA sellers with a feedback score in excess of 97% and over 30 feedbacks, we generally recommend a strategy that will match the FBA Buy Box sellers price and go 5% above the FBM Buy Box sellers price. We also recommend sellers use max price reset to maximize selling price too.

CA (02:00 EDT - 2:00 Ottawa)

US (02:00 EDT - 2:00 New York)

DE (20:00 EDT - 2:00 Berlin)

ES (20:00 EDT - 2:00 Madrid)

FR (20:00 EDT - 2:00 Paris)

IT (20:00 EDT - 2:00 Rome)

UK (21:00 EDT - 2:00 London)

IN (21:00 EDT - 2:30 New Delhi)

We currently support 8 marketplaces: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and India.

By default, we only show listings which are active on Amazon (i.e. in stock and not blocked). To see inactive listings choose 'Include Inactive Listings' from the Filter Listings options.

This is mainly dependent on how long have you been selling the product and how many of the products you have sold. Amazon uses an AI to specify resources and speed to differing listings on your account, depending on your sales record of that product. A user that is selling a listing for a long time with a long sales record will have more resources applied to that listing, therefore will reprice quicker. Additionally, newly listed products with none or little sales record can struggle with speed until the sales record improves. 

Over time as sales records change Amazon resources on listings change. If you are finding a competitor continually repricing quicker than you, don't worry as once your sales record improves, your speed will improve too or even go the other way in your favor

We offer automated repricing for both eBay and Amazon and we can set this up for both inactive and active products in advance, so that when products come into stock they instantly start repricing to maximize sales.

Billing Questions

Seller Republic is completely contract-free, you just pay on a per month basis. If you want to leave, just cancel your subscription from the Plans & Billing page and we will cancel your subscription immediately.

Absolutely none, Seller Republic is fully transparent. All our features are available with all plans. The only difference with the plans is the number of active listings/SKUs and we will notify you if you go over so you can decide whether to upgrade your subscription.

After your free trial we offer no contract. This allows you to cancel at any time in one click. This means you won't be billed going forward.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to backtrack historic payments, for failed cancellations. Canceling stops our servers from pulling data from your Seller Central account and the server costs that this involves.

To cancel, simply choose 'cancel' at the following link:

No credit card information is stored on our servers. We use to process all payments, one of the most secure and reputable payment processors available.

Invoices are generated by our payment processor Stripe and are available on request to support