When you're an Amazon seller it's important to stay ahead of the curve, but with the market constantly shifting and new technology changing the game, it's not always an easy task.

Thankfully, there are dedicated Amazon influencers whose websites, blogs and social media accounts allow them to pass on their knowledge and keep you at the forefront of the selling game.

Here's our list of the experts that will improve your selling game no end. Amazon Influencers

1. Richard Lazazzara

Who better to tell you about the ups and downs of building a successful eCommerce business then someone who has done it all from scratch themselves? Having also written for ecommerce blog giant Shopify, Richard Lazazzera started off the website A Better Lemonade Stand to document his ecommerce journey and share the information he was learning in the process, but it's now grown into one of them most comprehensive eCommerce sites online. The perfect support for entrepreneurs in the early stages of setting themselves up, Richard's website aims to help them build, launch and grow their businesses.

2. Stephen Smotherman

Stephen Smotherman is the brains behind Full-Time FBA, a website that is dedicated to maximising profit through Amazon's Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) feature. Stephen uses his own story, and now years of expertise, to explain how it's possible to turn part-time hours into full-time income. An essential tool for all Amazon sellers, Full-Time FBA can help those already using FBA to maximise their profits, and those who aren't to make an informed decision on if and how they might implement it into their business. For those who would rather watch, Stephen often uploads informative videos on his YouTube page as well.

3. Andrew Youderain

If you're already well established in the eCommerce world, but looking to push your business that little bit further, Andrew Youderain's site eCommerce Fuel could be for you. A little bit more exclusive, in the fact that you have to fit specified seller requirements to apply for membership to this community, eCommerce Fuel ensures that every member is able to contribute knowledge, allowing for a real share of ideas as well as limitless networking opportunities. Along with this eCommerce Fuel has dedicated experts on many different topics, including Lars Hundley, their resident specialist on all things Amazon.

4. Chris Dawson and Dan Wilson

Originally created as a platform for eBay sellers, Chris and Dan have now expanded their website Tamebay to include advice and information for various online marketplaces, including Amazon. Not only does Tamebay feature useful articles for all sellers, from beginners to established businesses, but it also features an ebook section, as well as hosting various events. These are the perfect opportunities for eCommerce sellers to network and learn from each other.

5. David and Ina Steiner

Husband and wife duo David and Ina Steiner have been running their website eCommerce Bytes together for 18 years. Whilst the nature of their content may have changed over the years, their accurate reporting on all eCommerce news hasn't. With regular updates including Ina Steiner's blog posts providing insight into eCommerce news and trends, as well as the option to get daily or bi-monthly newsletters including industry announcements, website reviews and buying and selling techniques this is the perfect site for those who want to keep their finger on the pulse.

6. Andy Geldman

Founder of WebRetailer, Andy Geldman has been blogging about eCommerce for over 13 years, giving him an extensive and highly impressive knowledge of the subject. WebRetailer reflects this with its wide variety of advice and articles on a number of topics, ranging from international selling to working on your reputation, as well as a section dedicated to webinars to help sellers visualise their sales.

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