New Features: Instant Profit Calculator, Setting Min/Max Prices by Percentage of Cost, and More

You requested them and we listened!

We've added an optional Cost field to the product listings of our Amazon repricer as requested by some of our customers. You can enter your cost in bulk via CSV upload or manually on the same page where you assign your strategy and min/max prices.

On the main listings page, when you hover your mouse over your landed price, you will also now see a tooltip showing you your cost and profit as shown in the screenshot above.

To save you time from doing calculations in your head or opening another application, we've also added a profit/loss calculator!

If you've entered a value in the Cost field, we'll instantly show you your profit based on the listing's current landed price and what your profit would be based on your min/max prices. You'll see the values ...

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How to Choose an Amazon Repricer

At Seller Republic we have personally tested many of our competitors in order to develop what we aim to be the ultimate repricer. Although there is a lot to app development the basic points below may help you with your search for a repricer whether it is us or a competitor.

Main Differences between Repricers:

The main differences are ease of use, reliability, price, in-built pricing rules, advanced features like being able to exclude certain sellers i.e. FBA or non FBA and the ability for the repricer to intelligently reprice up as well as down (this is vital as it is the way you increase profits at the same time as increasing sales).

Web Based vs. Downloadable Program: You may also notice that some repricers are downloadable programs rather than being web based. By the very nature of Amazon being an online business in the cloud it is best ...

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Amazon Inventory Management Tips: FBA

Managing your Amazon inventory always proves to be a difficult task. It gets challenging to constantly keep a clear record of your inventory stock and change your prices over and over so your products would be more competitive in the market. It's true that managing and repricing services might make this mission-impossible relatively easy but it still needs a bit of work keeping up with everything. In this article, we'll be talking to you about Amazon FB inventory management and giving you some insights that will hopefully help you control your inventory with more ease.

What does Fulfillment by Amazon mean?

Integrating with fulfilment by Amazon is very important in Inventory Management. If an item is Fulfilled by Amazon, it means that it's offered by a third-party seller who is independent from Amazon but the product is being shipped by an Amazon Fulfilment centre. And of course ...

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Amazon Vendor Central VS. Amazon Seller Central

Selling on Amazon is always a great way to get your products out there and boost your sales up a notch, but it also gets a bit confusing at times. The globally popular website has two main ways that you can work with: Vendor Center and Seller Center, but you can only pick one. In this article, we'll try to tell you all you need to know about them and show you the differences so you can decide which one would work best for your company.

Amazon Vendor Central & Amazon Seller Central - How are they Different?

Amazon Vendor Central works by an invite-only system and is generally made for the large companies and the popular brands. If you choose to work with Vendor Central, you'll be considered a first-party seller. Where you'll be acting as a supplier and will be selling your products to Amazon in ...

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Amazon’s Buy Box and How to Win it

Amazon has grown to be one of the biggest companies in the World. It's racing the winds with a 27.2% yearly growth which is higher than any other company in the top 10. One of Amazon's great successes is the Buy Box. In this article, we'll be telling you more about the Buy Box powers and giving you a couple of tips on how to win it.

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

If you don't know what the Buy Box is, look at the right corner of an Amazon's product detail screen. Can you see that little blue box staring right at you? Yep, that's our champion. It may seem unimportant to a buyer, but to a seller it's the real deal. As the internet likes to call it, it's the Holy Grail of Amazon. It basically means the most ...

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Neutral Amazon Feedback is Far from Harmless

Getting neutral feedback always feels like a slap to the face, it leaves you hanging and obsessing over what you did wrong and why the customer didn't think you deserve a positive feedback, it leaves you wishing that the internet was real world where you could run after the customer and ask them why they gave you a neutral feedback, and even go as far as begging them to change it with a positive one instead. In this article, we'll try to show you a couple of reasons why we think neutral feedback is a total disaster.

We forget to mention how bad Neutral Amazon Feedback really is

When talking about feedback, we either praise how good the positive ones are or how harmful the negative ones are but no one really chooses to talk about the neutral feedback, even though it's as harmful as the negative ...

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Why Amazon Enhanced Reviews Really Could Be Better

Amazon Reviews

Now as we all know, Amazon is one of the greatest and most successful websites of all time. It's widely popular around the whole world with millions of visitors every day, which is why they always strive to be the best. One of their trials to stay on top was changing the rating system to be solely based on a couple of things like age, legitimacy and even the helpfulness of the transaction. In the process of changing the system, they also decided to create a new review ranking formulas in order to push away any relatively unworthy reviews to the end of the line or eliminate them all together. As you can see, these are changes that would be highly noticed by sellers, buyers and even mere reviewers but we think it's still too early to have a clear image of how the users exactly ...

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