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Selling on Amazon can be a lucrative full time business or something that you do part-time to earn extra money. Anyone who has attempted to sell a product on Amazon knows how time consuming the process can be. Everything from finding a good product to sell to calculating potential profits can eat away at valuable hours of your time that could be spent growing your online business. Below we will show you some top tools for Amazon sellers.

Automation Tools for Amazon

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is the go-to software for Amazon FBA private label sellers. To be clear from the start we will be talking about 2 separate tools that Jungle Scout offers. They work very well together, so most purchase both.

Finding the right niche and product to sell on Amazon can be a daunting task. Jungle Scout eliminates the tedious hours spent combing through Amazon for potential products that may sell well. The way Jungle Scout accomplishes this is through 2 separate platforms that work together. It should be noted that you should be using some level of both platforms in order to receive the best benefits possible. They really don't work too well on their own.

The first tool that Jungle Scout offers to amazon sellers is their Web App which has three tiers of service; Startup, Standard and Business. Each of these clocks in at a monthly fee of $39, $69 and $99, with each level providing added benefits and functions. All 3 have a free trial. The Jungle Scout Web App helps any amazon seller find a profitable product to source by filtering Amazon's product database for metrics such as product category, estimated monthly sales, selling price and product reviews. All of the metrics can be set with a minimum and maximum value. So for example, if you are searching for a product to source from Alibaba.com, you don't want to order a large quantity of something that isn't selling well on amazon. This is where Jungle Scout's estimated monthly sales metric is crucial in helping you filter out products that are not selling a certain number of units per month. With plenty of filtering options, the Jungle Scout Web App will surely save you many hours in product searching.

The second tool of Jungle Scout is their Google Chrome Web Extension. This is a nifty extension for the Chrome browser that works in tandem with an Amazon.com search results page. Once you use the Web App to identify some potentially profitable products based on your personal filtered results, you can then use the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. Simply search amazon for the product you identify in the web app and get a results list of everyone selling that product. The really cool part about the Chrome extension is that once you get an Amazon search results page, you simply click a button up by the address bar in your Chrome browser and the Jungle Scout Web Extension takes care of the rest by bringing up visible page of said Amazon search results and displays crucial data like FBA fees, estimated monthly sales and # of reviews. For example, if you notice that a product is selling an estimated 800 units per month but only has 7 reviews, this potentially means that it would be a low competition product which would be easy to overtake with quality listings and keyword SEO. The profit calculator tool inside the Chrome Web Extension is crucial for making sure that you don't get caught selling a large quantity of products for a loss of money. The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is offered with 2 tiers of service, lite and pro. Each tier costs a one-time fee of $87 or $147, depending on which tier of service you decide best suites your needs. The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is one Amazon seller's tool that you shouldn't be caught without.

Amasuite 4 – Azon Review Finder

Amasuite 4 is in-depth software designed for Amazon affiliates and sellers. As the name of the product hints, there are 4 modules within the software, each with a different service or benefit. We wanted to focus on one of the four modules that helps Amazon sellers find and contact product reviewers. We cannot stress enough how incredibly important product reviews are for helping rank your product high for the relevant keyword search. You want your product to show up in at least the first page, preferably in the top 3 results. Having positive reviews for your product helps tell Amazon to rank your product higher for the targeted keywords of your product.

  • Amasuite's Azon Review Finder does the following and much more
  • Gives your access to the top 10,000 amazon product reviewers
  • Filters reviewers by your specific niche or product
  • Provides name and E-mail of each reviewer making contact simple and easy
  • Works with Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk
  • See the average rating (1-5 stars) each individual reviewer gives

You can now see why Amasuite's Azon Review Finder is such a powerful tool in helping get your product positive reviews.

Feedback Genius

As any Amazon seller knows, buyer reviews can make or break your online Amazon listing. Feedback Genius is an automated messenger service designed around generating and managing Amazon customer reviews. Whenever a consumer purchases something they are satisfied or even very happy with, they often will NOT take the time to write a positive review. However, if a customer is unhappy with a product they buy, they will more than likely write a scathing review that could damage your reputation as a seller. One of the cool features of Feedback Genius is their negative review alert. Negative reviews are the bane of any Amazon seller. Feedback Genius will send an alert to your E-mail address as soon as your listing receives a negative review, allowing you to address the negative review before it does any damage. On the other hand, Feedback Genius can be set to send out a reminder message ( to the buyer's Amazon account) a few days after the product is delivered that encourages the buyer to leave you positive feedback while thanking them for their purchase. They have a 30 day free trial along with 4 different tiers of service with each tier allowing the user an increased number of monthly messages. One great thing about using Feedback Genius is that it works with both FBA and merchant-filled orders. Currently Feedback Genius is available for Amazon.com, .ca, .mx, .uk, .de, .fr, .it, & .es marketplaces, with each account offering 1 initial marketplace, regardless of level of tier. Additional Amazon marketplaces can be purchased for $10 per month.


We all know that customer reviews are extremely important to sellers' businesses on Amazon. It can directly impact your sales as well as your ranking. As an Amazon seller, it could be time-consuming for you to gain positive reviews and keep informed with all of the review statuses. That's why it is better to let a seller tool to fulfill the tasks for you.
AMZFinder is a review management tool which worth trying and experiencing for Amazon sellers. It is designed to help sellers get as many as positive reviews and boost sales with two major features: Feedback Request and Review Management. 
The Feedback Request system allows you to contact buyers and request for reviews automatically. Featuring in customized email templates and rules, AMZFinder will help you send out the request emails more effectively and intelligently, and attract your buyers to willingly take time to leave reviews. Moreover, its VAT generator tool will also help you send invoices to buyers as requested. 
On the other hand, the Review Management system sync all of your reviews in one place, keep you stay informed with reviews from unhappy customers. Especially when it comes to bad reviews, it's important to act on them fast before it damages your sales. With the review alert on AMZFinder, you can handle those negative review in a timely fashion and continue to build a strong reputation for your store

*Support 8 major marketplaces
*One plan covers all marketplaces
*Real-time syncing and daily email alert for reviews
*One-click to comment your buyers' reviews
*Customized email templates with different languages
*Intelligent email sending rules
*Generate VAT invoice and send to buyers automatically

Seller Republic

And finally Seller Republic... Some Amazon sellers are selling retail products that already have listings created on Amazon. Let us take the Apple iPhone for example. If you are trying to sell the newest iPhone on Amazon, there is no need to create your own listing, Apple, Amazon or another seller already has that done. You just need to sell your iPhone in the already created listing. Here is the thing that you may or may not know: A majority of Amazon's products are sold by 3rd party businesses that anyone can get onto Amazon. If you go to buy an iPhone on Amazon.com right now, chances are that you wouldn't be buying directly from Apple or Amazon but rather a 3rd party seller. When you go to buy the iPhone and click the "add to basket" button in info box in the top right corner, known as the "buy box", you can see who the iPhone is being sold by. Being in the buy box means that whenever someone decides to "add to basket" you are the seller getting that sale, WOW! That is a nice spot to be in from a seller's perspective. A seller generally gets into the buy box from having the lowest price for the listed product. Customer reviews and having inventory in stock also are looked upon by Amazon when they decide who gets into the prized buy box, but certainly, maintaining the lowest price available on Amazon.com is the crucial step in competing against other sellers for the buy box. If you don't have the buy box you are listed in separate lists on the page under 'New', 'Used' or 'Refurbished' but unfortunately sellers in these lists generate very few sales.

Seller Republic software is a re-pricing Amazon seller's tool that automatically re-prices your Amazon product listings in order to best compete for (or maintain) the famed "buy box", thus saving you countless hours of work. Imagine if you had your full-time business of selling retail products on Amazon. You have 100 different product listings and 50 of them already have the buy box and you are trying to get the other 50 into the buy box. As we said, offering the lowest price is the best way to win the buy box and stay there, but in order to do that, you would have to sit at a computer all day managing the prices of your 100 listings against the prices of the other sellers within the listing. Seller Republic makes sure that you won't lose any profit when re-pricing and also takes into account metrics such as your product's feedback score. Anyone serious about selling retail on Amazon should be using Seller Republic's re-pricing software as it will save you time and money.

Amazon Repricing Software

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