Seller Republic is happy to announce that continuous repricing (also known as instant repricing) is a standard on all accounts regardless of the price plan and at the same price! This ultimately pushes your price changes quicker; get's you the buy box quicker and fundamentally makes you more money.

Amazon Repricing Software

What is Continuous/Instant Repricing?

Unlike much of the competition Seller Republic has stepped ahead in that we are notified of price changes on Amazon instantly and then process and send price updates to Amazon straight away rather than on the 15 minute or hourly rotor that many repricers are stuck to.

The way most repricers work is by checking prices hourly or every 15 minutes. If a price change has been made by a competitor that triggers your pre-set strategy, the repricer submits an updated price to Amazon and they then wait for the price change to be pushed live by Amazon.

Seller Republic has a more technical system that gets notified of any price changes on Amazon instantly and your preset strategy determines if any price changes need to be pushed. If a price change does need to be pushed, we combine that price change with any other price changes needed and submit the price change/s to Amazon (the combining of prices takes anywhere from a few seconds up to a maximum 2 minutes).

*Please note although price changes are pushed straight away all repricers still have to wait for the Amazon servers to action the price change. This usually takes around 5 minutes but could take up to 45 minutes (It's the same random time it takes for your prices to update when you change them in Seller Central).

This effectively ensures constant monitoring of all your listings and pushes price changes to the marketplace in the quickest way possible for any repricer!

Difference Between Instant and Continuous Repricing?

Instant and Continuous Repricing are the same thing. In the World of Amazon Repricing although many repricers claim it, instant repricing is impossible as any price change sent to Amazon needs to be processed by Amazon. This can take a few minutes up to about 40 minutes. You can see the real world effect of this when you change your prices manually in Seller Central, as you will notice there is a random amount of time before that price change reflects on the live Amazon marketplace for the live product. In reality it comes down to Amazon's server load at any given time. When a price updates quickly it means Amazon's servers are running optimally, when it's slow they are being somewhat overworked. Although we do get notified of Amazon price changes instantly due to the seconds it takes to batch your price changes and the time Amazon takes to update and process listings, it means that the word 'instant' isn't quite appropriate. Continuous eludes more to the fact that although prices are sent and checked instantly the Amazon server update time means it is more of a steady continuous price change that the real user actually sees.

Amazon Repricing Software

Behind the scenes Seller Republic is working to ensure that your repricer is as powerful as possible. When choosing a repricer you are effectively entering an arms race as you look to incorporate the most important tools into your business. As your competitors are also amassing their own selling tool arsenal the sellers with the most powerful tools effectively blast their competition out the water and make competing tools defunct whilst propelling themselves to Amazon sales success. Seller Republic has a number of in-house live accounts running ensuring that our tools consistently remain best of class.