Despite Amazon’s Efforts, eBay Keeps Its Leadership in the Australian E-commerce Landscape

Amazon and eBay do Australia

BigCommerce has recently released the '2018 Omnichannel Buying Report'

In an attempt to exhaustively analyze the role of online and offline channels in a highly competitive Australian e-commerce space, BigCommerce surveyed the online and offline buying habits of over 3000 Australian digital consumers. The results of the study show that Australian consumers spend $1 out of $4 of their monthly discretionary income online.

Back in November 2017, Amazon entered the Australian marketplace and started an aggressive marketing campaign with a clear goal in mind: dethrone eBay. Despite Amazon's efforts, the study shows that eBay practically doubled Amazon's figures. When asked about their past six months purchases, 63% of respondents reported an eBay purchase, while only 24% of the respondents have used Amazon's services.

The study also highlights the fact that, at a global level, Australian consumers spend online approx. 26% of their discretionary income, which is 5 ...

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Price Optimization Software Market Study Highlights Great Value New Entrants such as Seller Republic & Xsellco

Pricing Optimisation Market Analysis

HTF MI has recently released a comprehensive study on the Global Pricing Optimization Software Market, a study which focuses on analyzing the market size, the industry status and forecast, as well as the overall competitive landscape and growth opportunities. The Price Optimization Software market is categorized by region, companies, type and end-use industry.

In order to provide an in-depth view of the Market Size, the study provides an analysis of the competitive landscape by Revenue Market Share (%) by Players (2013-2018), Revenue (Million $) by Players (2013-2018), as well as a qualitative analysis of the product/service differences, market concentration rate, future technological trends, and promising new entrants such as Seller Republic and Seller Bay Republic.

The key players that have been featured in the study – such as Seller Republic, AppeEagle/Informed, Repricer Express and Xsellco, - are geared towards innovation in production technologies which will improve efficiency and shelf-life. The sector's ...

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eBay to Help Wolverhampton Traders Boost their Online Business

eBay Repricing - eCommerce support from eBay

In the similar time-frame that Seller Republic launches eBay Repricing, eBay too is looking to help businesses at the grassroots.

eBay has recently decided to take a chance on the small businesses in Wolverhampton and launched a year-long partnership with them in an attempt to grow trade and boost the local economy. The giant marketplace will teach traders how to set up an eBay shop and sell their products online.

This opportunity is a breath of fresh air for the local traders. According to a research by the Legatum Institute back in 2015, Wolverhampton was considered the 'least prosperous' area in the UK.

The online marketplace will be offering training to small retailers, helping them to set up an eBay shop and teaching them how to boost online sales. Considering the city's manufacturing heritage and transport connections, eBay decided to give small retailers the opportunity to enhance their online ...

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Six specifications to look for when choosing sellable products on Amazon

One of the hardest parts of selling on Amazon is finding the perfect product to sell. There are all sorts of problems Sellers encounter, from trying to make products they already sell profitable on Amazon, to picking products that fail almost immediately. Whilst no one item is a guaranteed ticket to success there are definitely certain specifications that have time and time again proven themselves to lead to it. Read on below to see the six things you should be taking into account when choosing a product to sell on Amazon.


Whatever way you trade on Amazon, be it as a third party seller or as a wholesaler, there will always be logistical costs to take into account. These include warehouse space, shipping etc. This one may seem fairly obvious, but the heavier and bulkier an item is, the higher the cost is going to be.

Smaller products will ...

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Quick tips to boost ecommerce sales

As companies like Amazon and Alibaba continue to grow and expand into other countries, there's no doubt that ecommerce is dominating the market when it comes to sales. However, as it continues to grow as an industry it becomes ever more competitive. Check out our tips below on how to stand out from the crowd and boost your ecommerce sales.

Customer Service

Having good customer service can really be make or break for a company. Having great customer service will lead to glowing reviews and brand loyalty. These days selling is all about the customer journey and if they feel they are well respected by the brand and that their problems are easily resolved, consumers are way more likely to return.

Not only will good customer service get current consumers to return but it is also much more likely that they will spread the word to their friends and ...

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Everything sellers need to know about Amazon returns

Amazon is well known for having a returns policy that heavily favours the customer which can sometimes lead to uncertainty about what rights Sellers have. There are also distinct protocols for different reasons. These range from the reason an item has been returned to what category the item is under. Another facet is whether they are FBA or FBM. All of this has been made even more complicated by Amazon bringing in new rules for FBM sellers at the end of 2017. Below we will have a look at some of the most common issues and questions Sellers come up against when it comes to returns. For more information on how to deal with Amazon return requests if you're an FBA Seller, check out our blog here.

Unfortunately, it often seems to be the case that when issues arise the best course of action is to open a ticket ...

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Five reasons to use repricing software

Here at Seller Republic we're confident that our repricing software can save you time and money, as well as maximising profits. However, you may be wondering what the point of using a repricer actually is and how it can benefit you. So below we've compiled a list of the five best reasons to use our repricing software. By the end you'll be wondering why you haven't invested sooner.

Repricing software-reasons to use

1. Saves Time

The only way to know how to how to price your items is by checking out the market and evaluating your products against the competition. Price yourself too low and you could end up devaluing your product, or even worse, making almost no profit. Price yourself too high and no one will be coming to you if your competitors are much cheaper. This means checking out the competition - however it's not as simple as ...

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