Amazon Reviews

Now as we all know, Amazon is one of the greatest and most successful websites of all time. It's widely popular around the whole world with millions of visitors every day, which is why they always strive to be the best. One of their trials to stay on top was changing the rating system to be solely based on a couple of things like age, legitimacy and even the helpfulness of the transaction. In the process of changing the system, they also decided to create a new review ranking formulas in order to push away any relatively unworthy reviews to the end of the line or eliminate them all together. As you can see, these are changes that would be highly noticed by sellers, buyers and even mere reviewers but we think it's still too early to have a clear image of how the users exactly feel about this. Do you think this could be a good change? Or would it fill the users with negativity towards the new system? We understand that this could be seen as a bad things for many users, but we actually believe it has a bright side to it, or even four. Read on to solve this viral puzzle as we tell you four reasons why we think this could be a good thing.

  • Age is Not Just a Number

We can't deny that the enhanced ranking system is too complex for us to really take in, but some things are clear enough to see. Yes, age matters and it makes a lot of sense that Amazon would want to give the fresh reviews more priority than the old ones which have most probably lost their relevance.

  • Helpful Amazon Reviews Come First

When buying a new product, the most helpful thing is actually the reviews. But sometimes those reviews fall short and leave the buyers even more confused. That's why Amazon is trying to take away all those unhelpful ones, a two word review should not be considered a review at all.

  • Beware the Fake Amazon Reviews

The internet has grown to be an industry of its own and most online retailers have learned to take advantage of this, of course it's considered an unethical business practice but they do it nonetheless. A lot of product companies now hire writers to write reviews for them, whether it's for their own product's advantage or against another product. So the buyer should have the right to know if they can rely on the reviews or not according to the search results.

  • Bonus for the Amazon Verified Customer Reviews

We can all agree that customer reviews which are featured on the product page are always the most helpful. But we should keep in mind that just because we see a review as helpful does not prove that it's even true, for all we know it could be another fake one. That's why we should only trust the reviews for the verified purchases, which Amazon is now helping by giving them a boost in the rating/star system.