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To celebrate the launch of www.sellerbayrepublic.com we have decided run an eBay post series. Thewhere first of which is targeting new sellers specifically to eBay. eBay is the 2nd biggest marketplace and online retailer after Amazon globally, thus a must for sellers online.

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So you have decided to take your work life into your hands and become your own demanding boss. And what better place to start your entrepreneurial adventure than online? Because we all know that people love spending money. And, in an always-on society, shopping online has become much more convenient than hitting the high street. And there are good reasons behind this tendency: exclusive sales and offers for online buyers, a wider range of products, or the possibility to make educated decisions by comparing prices. Making an online purchase is as easy as touching a button, no matter if it is 2 A.M. or you are on the bus on your way home. Plus, online shopping has turned those long, annoying queues into an easily avoidable bad memory. So why not take advantage of this scenario and start earning a living by selling online?

Can opening an online shop change your work perspectives?

Online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, or Walmart are attracting more and more retailers. In an attempt to diversify their selling channels and attract this new category of shoppers, retailers are increasing their online presence. From essential products to whims, anything can be bought online. Rich offerings are a synonym of competition, making even the slightest detail count when it comes to attracting and turning new customers into loyal ones. Setting up an online store is fast and easy. However, making it generating profits is a completely different story. From using an efficient price optimisation software tool to choosing the right marketplace or the best marketing tools, the success of your online business depends on many factors. And this is the point where things can get tricky. Questions such as 'Which platform should I choose?' or 'How can I skyrocket my business?' must have crossed your mind on more than one occasion. Today we are going to focus on some tips that will help you get started on eBay.

What makes eBay a great business propeller?

Setting up an eBay shop comes with many advantages. You are not only using the services of a trustworthy and prominent marketplace, but all your listings are displayed in one place. To top it all, your store will be assigned a unique URL. Your eBay page is fully customizable. You can either make it look like your own web store or you can set loose your creativity. If you want to stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive edge, your store's unique identity becomes a priority. Your eBay shop needs to be a reflection of your brand and values. Making a long-lasting impression on your customers will entice them to come back to your eBay shop.

And there are other notable advantages to keep present. When customers visit your store, they will see only the products you have listed, thus reducing competition and increasing your chances of making a sale. Owning an eBay shop translates into cheaper listing fees, easier product management, and access to a series of useful seller tools that will help you stay one step ahead of your competition. Keep yourself informed!

Information lies at the core of our lives. Having access to information and being willing to constantly learn and improve has become a crucial factor in the entrepreneurial environment. For instance, eBay is constantly running webinars that teach retailers how to boost their visibility, enhance customer loyalty, and increase sales conversions. So make sure to check some out. In case you didn't know, there are three types of shop subscriptions that eBay puts at your disposal: Basic Shop, Featured Shop, Anchor Shop.

Work your magic on your eBay shop

On eBay, you are free to customise even the slightest detail of your online shop. Let's imagine that you are selling toys. You can break down your product categories and organize your listings based on toys types, recommended age and so forth.

There is one feature that you definitely need to use: Shop Designer. With this tool, you will be able to design your shop according to your marketing strategies and actual needs, creating personalised forefronts, custom search bars, or cross-selling banners. On the long run, a professional-looking shop will not only translate into more sales but will also enhance your customers' confidence.

Increase traffic and visibility using SEO

Your eBay shop will definitely benefit from using SEO-optimised content. If you want to drive sales by increasing your shop's visibility, there are several strategies that will help you drive traffic from search engines such as Google or Bing: using quality meta-descriptions and relevant keywords in your shop's name or writing keyword-rich shop and products descriptions.

Using inbound links will also help you increase traffic and visibility. So don't hesitate to put your writing skills to a test and use guides, reviews, and blogs to keep your customers engaged. If the content you provide is fresh and informative, you will not only manage to project yourself as an expert in your field but you will also increase brand awareness and attract customers to your shop. Using your biography or email signature to include a link to your shop is always beneficial. However, you should avoid using your written content to push for sales. If you use these channels wisely, search engines will reward you with an important SEO boost. This article in itself is a clear example of how external linking works.

Work towards improving your Best Match statistics

In simple terms, Best Match is the default results order a buyer gets when he/she is looking for a specific product on eBay. The buyer will be shown a list with the most relevant products to his/her search. To get listed, the products must also provide good value for money. So it is crucial for your products to show up in Best Match. If you want to achieve that, your listings need to be complete, keyword-rich, and – above all - price competitive. Play smart and try to anticipate the keywords buyers are likely to use when doing their eBay search. Trigger positive customer reviews by using accurate descriptions and quality product pictures. Enhance your customers' buying experience by providing fast deliveries, cost-effective postage services, and generous return times.

Try to become an eBay Top-rated Seller

The much-coveted eBay Top-rated Seller badge will offer you added credibility and will increase your listings' visibility. It's crystal clear that this will eventually translate into more sales. However, becoming a top-rated eBay seller implies meeting certain criteria: a 30-day returns option, a free domestic delivery option, express delivery, and 1-day or same-day dispatches. Though it may sound complicated, it is an achievable goal.

Use price optimisation tools to gain a competitive edge

To avoid paying more than necessary, educated buyers compare prices before making a purchase. This means that, if you want to stay competitive, you will need to update your prices constantly. Luckily, there is no need to adjust your prices manually. The development of innovative pricing tools has turned this process into a breeze! Using reliable price optimisation software guarantees an undeniable sales and profits boost. How? Because these tools do their jobs even if you are not there. You can automatically set optimal selling prices or create real-time pre-set strategies that will allow you to instantly react to your competitors' pricing changes and strategies. To maximise profits they reprice up too!

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Your eBay Listings MUST be mobile responsive

People use their smartphones to buy online. So it's crucial for your listings to be always mobile responsive. How can you achieve this? By avoiding placing images in the description section. Using the eBay gallery to add product images is the perfect alternative. When customising your listing templates, make sure to use only HTML5 and CSS. Your product description can contain up to 800 characters. Even if the description summaries are generated automatically, editing your listings' HTML tags will allow you to customise the text.

Aim for positive customer feedback

Getting positive product reviews – no matter if they come from verified or unverified users – will enhance your customers' confidence in the quality of the products you are selling. Your eBay feedback rate is nothing but an extension of your reputation and reliability. Not to mention that a high eBay positive feedback percentage automatically triggers a higher position of your listings during customer searches. On eBay, high rated sellers are categorized as 'top sellers' and are placed first in search results. This means that your chances of selling your product increase significantly.

Put effort into your E-mail marketing campaign

E-mail marketing campaigns are subject to certain eBay regulations. Get well acquainted with them and keep in mind that you are allowed to send out marketing e-mails only to those eBay buyers who have previously given you permission to do so. Sending out marketing e-mails can help you in countless ways: spreading the word about your new products, sending out codeless coupons, or promoting sales and special offers. Tools such as the Markdown Manager or the Promotions Manager will allow you to inform buyers of live product reviews or sale events. Important tip: work towards a comprehensive e-mail list. There are several things you can do to convince buyers to subscribe. Use anything in your power - invoices, Shop template, branded packaging are just a few ideas. Enabling the eBay RSS feed is a great way to promote your listings. By doing so, the search engines, eBay buyers, and subscribers will automatically receive updates on your listings.

The eBay marketing tools CAN and WILL boost your business

There are several eBay marketing tools that have been designed to make your life easier and boost your business. Here you can find an overview: www.ebay.com/help/selling/selling-tools/selling-tools-overview?id=4073

User-friendly and effective, these tools will allow you to keep your listings under control and use them in a profitable way.

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