Max Price Rest

It is recommended to turn on Max Price reset on all listings. This ensures your prices are pushed to their max once per day, middle of the night, when little to no sales are coming through. This allows us to continually reprice to find your optimum selling price. Max Price Reset is found in the ´Advanced Price Reset Options´ section when adding an AI strategy, or on opening any Win Buy Box strategy.


Algorithmic AI Repricing (Climb The Amazon Search Rankings) - Private Label

*Although Algorithmic price optimization is generally used for Private label products, it can also be used for any listing including Arbitrage.

Algorithmic Repricing is effectively your AI robot working 24/7 365 days a year without rest. Give your strategy a name ´AI Boost 1´ for example. Choose a time-period to evaluate sales history and price points (please note Seller Republic only begins pulling in data once you connect to Amazon Seller Central). Next choose your parameters, giving rules to the robot on what to do depending on if your sales fall or rise. Save and apply to listings. Seller Republic for the optimum in Amazon Repricing Software both Amazon Algorithmic Repricing and Win Buy Box Amazon Repricing. 

Check and apply the default Amazon Algorithmic Repricing strategy below. Remember Seller Republic recommends a 7-day window to collect data and begin Repricing. Once data is collected your Algorithmic Repricing strategy will analyze and Reprice hourly. *The generic example below takes some tweaking as the weeks go by, depending on your and your niche competitors.

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Amazon Algorithmic Repricer


Win Buy Box Repricing - Arbitrage

To get the most of a Repricer we do need some of your market expertise to formulate the best strategies. Worry not, with just a little bit of your knowledge and a quick review of your competitors you can create strategies in minutes that will simply dramatically increase your bottom line with minimal effort. Setting optimum strategies should take about 30 minutes and going forward you may want to review them every month or two. Some users may have only one strategy applied to all of their listings others may have a few or even 10 or more depending on their particular niche or competitors or size of the account.

Check and apply the default Amazon Pricing Strategy to Win Buy Box. Repricing Amazon for Arbitrage sellers. Your strategy every few seconds and will submit Amazon Repricing every 2-3 minutes (The fastest method available is known as instant repricing or continuous repricing). *The generic example below takes some tweaking as the weeks go by, depending on your and your niche competitors.

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Repricing Amazon - Amazon Pricing Strategy Win Buy Box


Amazon Repricing Strategy Summary

With both Algorithmic and Win Buy Box repricing, sellers may use either, or both depending on business objectives and niche. In general private label sellers use Algorithmic Repricing, and Arbitrage sellers use Win Buy Box strategies.

It is important to remember the Buy Box Strategies (Win Buy Box, Below the Buy Box, Above the Buy Box, Match the Buy Box) stop repricing once you hold the Buy Box to stop repricing against yourself. To continue repricing once you have the Buy Box we can use the strategies that reprice against the lowest price (Above the Lowest Price, Match the Lowest Price, Below the Lowest Price). To continue repricing once you hold the Buy Box we can also use max price reset to maximize selling price, this can be used on any strategy and will push your prices to max once per day (3 am – make sure to set your profile time zone correctly) to get repricing started again.

The 'Win Buy Box' strategy is a generic and quite aggressive strategy. It is very useful for tricky listings and to get quickly set up. Though for best use of Seller Republic custom strategies are recommended based on your own metrics. The Win Buy Box strategy will only compete with the Buy Box holder (Whether FBA or FBM).

Additionally if needed we can also have different prices for both FBA and FBM. By using the - symbol we could go higher than FBM and lower than FBA or vice versa for example

We recommend Sellers use FBA and for these sellers, we recommend to focus on your metrics to ensure you have at least 30 feedback which is 97% or above (feedback merchant rating). These metrics combined greatly increase your buy box exposure and the time we can get you there at a higher price.

For sellers using FBA, with more than 30 feedback, with a feedback score of over 97% percent. We generally recommend a strategy that will match the FBA Buy Box sellers price and go 5% above the FBM Buy Box sellers price, with max price reset turned on. On most accounts, this is enough to control listings.

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