Getting neutral feedback always feels like a slap to the face, it leaves you hanging and obsessing over what you did wrong and why the customer didn't think you deserve a positive feedback, it leaves you wishing that the internet was real world where you could run after the customer and ask them why they gave you a neutral feedback, and even go as far as begging them to change it with a positive one instead. In this article, we'll try to show you a couple of reasons why we think neutral feedback is a total disaster.

We forget to mention how bad Neutral Amazon Feedback really is

When talking about feedback, we either praise how good the positive ones are or how harmful the negative ones are but no one really chooses to talk about the neutral feedback, even though it's as harmful as the negative feedback. We all know how important feedback rating is, it's a key metric which is used by Amazon to measure seller performance. The higher the rating, the better a buyer feels about the product and the more they are tempted to place an order. It's almost like a business card: it's the first thing customers see on the Offer Listings Page, and an extremely important factor for the algorithms that resolve Buy Box qualification.

What is Neutral Feedback and how bad is it?

Neutral ratings or what sellers often call 'faux negative' can sometimes make sense to the customer but are in fact very harmful. Neutral Feedback with a comment does effect your metrics, although only to a minor degree.

Though currently Amazon can treat neutral feedback as just the same as negative feedback in some circumstances which makes it the worst type of feedback you can be left. Neutral feedback that's the most damaging is the no comment feedback and here's why:

  • It is considered a negative in the feedback score.
  • Customer doesn't share any reasons, which leaves you clueless.
  • Customer might refuse to retract it thinking it can't really do any harm for the business.
  • Customer may argue that not commenting can't possibly discourage others from buying the product.

We hope this article has helped you see just how important maintaining a good feedback score is. You shouldn't miss an opportunity to work out any issues with the customers who you feel are undervaluing your products even if it neutral!