At Seller Republic we have personally tested many of our competitors in order to develop what we aim to be the ultimate repricer. Although there is a lot to app development the basic points below may help you with your search for a repricer whether it is us or a competitor.

Main Differences between Repricers:

The main differences are ease of use, reliability, price, in-built pricing rules, advanced features like being able to exclude certain sellers i.e. FBA or non FBA and the ability for the repricer to intelligently reprice up as well as down (this is vital as it is the way you increase profits at the same time as increasing sales).

Web Based vs. Downloadable Program: You may also notice that some repricers are downloadable programs rather than being web based. By the very nature of Amazon being an online business in the cloud it is best to keep your repricer in the cloud too. Being in the cloud means you can turn your computer of at any time without pausing your repricing, your repricing runs 247 and you get the latest updates applied to your software as soon as they become available.

Speed of Repricers:

There is no such thing as true instant repricing. All repricers are reliant on the Amazon system updating which usually takes 5-10 minutes but can take up to 45 minutes in busy times. The Amazon system updating is out of any repricing apps control which means the difference between a repricer which claims to be instant and one which states it reprices every 5, 10 or 15 minutes is practically the same in real usage scenarios.

Do I need an Expensive Repricer/Good Cheap Amazon Repricing:

Expensive repricing does not necessarily mean you are getting the best service. From our testing we found that many of the most expensive repricers were not necessarily the finest and the premium charges were for a brand name rather than a solid product. Many of the Repricers with established brand names were built many years ago with old technologies which have now been superseded, this is true for many of the unusally cheap repricers too. Seller Republic is built in Django, the current gold standard for development.

Seller Republic is priced in the lower to medium range. Our aim with Seller Republic is for it to be, not just the best and most functional repricer but also the best value for money too with absolute reliability.

Why Seller Republic:

Some Repricers can take several days to set up, whereas Seller Republic has been designed so that it can fully be integrated in less than an hour, theoretically it could be done in less than 10 minutes. We include advance features, reprice up and down, and include in-built pricing rules but not so many to confuse you.