Here at Seller Republic we're confident that our repricing software can save you time and money, as well as maximising profits. However, you may be wondering what the point of using a repricer actually is and how it can benefit you. So below we've compiled a list of the five best reasons to use our repricing software. By the end you'll be wondering why you haven't invested sooner.

Repricing software-reasons to use

1. Saves Time

The only way to know how to how to price your items is by checking out the market and evaluating your products against the competition. Price yourself too low and you could end up devaluing your product, or even worse, making almost no profit. Price yourself too high and no one will be coming to you if your competitors are much cheaper. This means checking out the competition - however it's not as simple as having a quick look over and setting a price. The market is constantly changing, and so to stay on top you have to be on the constant lookout for changes daily. This already sounds like an impossible task with one product, let alone if you have hundreds more to track. With a repricer you don't have to worry about any of that - once you've set up your strategies the repricer will do all the hard work for you, constantly changing to reflect the market. Instead of spending all day trawling through your competition you can focus your time on other parts of your business to ensure success.

2. Buy Box Wins

Anyone who sells on Amazon knows that getting the Buy Box is incredibly important in getting sales. Consumers going to the product page will normally click on the Buy Box which makes it an almost guaranteed sale. Using a repricer will allow you to set up strategies to ensure you win the Buy Box every time by pricing you at the perfect point. In fact, at Seller Republic we have just introduced our newest feature Max Price Reset.

Having the Buy Box is great, but what if we told you you could have it at the highest possible price each day, maximising profit? Our Max Price Reset feature works by temporarily raising your price daily to the maximum set amount in order to re-trigger repricing of that product. Once repricing is triggered the settings in place will allow you to get back down to the price at which you will again own the Buy Box, but reflecting the current market - ie at the highest price possible. Simply click to put this strategy in place and make sure you continuously maximise your profits every day.

3. Increase in sales and ranking

Having the most competitive price will ensure an increase in sales. This is always a positive thing but it can be especially important when you are just launching a new product or if you are a new seller. Selling online is all about trust, and people are looking at reviews more than ever to make informed decisions about what and where they're buying from. When you're just starting out it can sometimes be hard to gain traction without having ratings and reviews. With the help of a repricer you can set your product apart by having the perfect price. This should no doubt lead to an increase in sales which should also create a mass of reviews meaning more people will trust you and lead to - you guessed it - more sales. Once you have built up a reputation you can also consider utilising the minimum price feature to sell your products at a higher margin.

4. Instant repricing

At Seller Republic we're committed to getting your listings to the most competitive prices as quickly as possible which is why we run with instant repricing software. Unlike some of our competitors who can take days to reprice, our software analyses the market every 20 minutes to make sure your prices reflect current trends as accurately as possible. In fact, Seller Republic is the joint quickest repricer out there. This means you will never miss an opportunity for a sale whilst the repricer catches up.


As you can see from the points above using a repricer will make you money in no time by maximising profits on your listings. Not only that, but at Seller Republic we pride ourselves on being the cheapest repricer out there without compromising on speed or quality of service. With plans starting from as little as $8.95 the low cost will easily be worth it for the amount of money made on sales.

And if you're still not convinced click below to try out our 14-day free trial and see exactly how much profit you could be making with us!

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