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In the similar time-frame that Seller Republic launches eBay Repricing, eBay too is looking to help businesses at the grassroots.

eBay has recently decided to take a chance on the small businesses in Wolverhampton and launched a year-long partnership with them in an attempt to grow trade and boost the local economy. The giant marketplace will teach traders how to set up an eBay shop and sell their products online.

This opportunity is a breath of fresh air for the local traders. According to a research by the Legatum Institute back in 2015, Wolverhampton was considered the 'least prosperous' area in the UK.

The online marketplace will be offering training to small retailers, helping them to set up an eBay shop and teaching them how to boost online sales. Considering the city's manufacturing heritage and transport connections, eBay decided to give small retailers the opportunity to enhance their online commercial presence.

And the good news for Wolverhampton businesses doesn't stop here. The government has decided to include the city in the 5G testbed trial coming up in early 2019.

Local representatives and business owners are aware that having access to both physical and online retail has become a key element in an increasingly digital world, in which commercial growth is highly conditioned by the traders' digital abilities.

Undoubtedly, the partnership with the multinational giant will make an impact on the local economy and will open up new business opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses.

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