Amazon and eBay do Australia

BigCommerce has recently released the '2018 Omnichannel Buying Report'

In an attempt to exhaustively analyze the role of online and offline channels in a highly competitive Australian e-commerce space, BigCommerce surveyed the online and offline buying habits of over 3000 Australian digital consumers. The results of the study show that Australian consumers spend $1 out of $4 of their monthly discretionary income online.

Back in November 2017, Amazon entered the Australian marketplace and started an aggressive marketing campaign with a clear goal in mind: dethrone eBay. Despite Amazon's efforts, the study shows that eBay practically doubled Amazon's figures. When asked about their past six months purchases, 63% of respondents reported an eBay purchase, while only 24% of the respondents have used Amazon's services.

The study also highlights the fact that, at a global level, Australian consumers spend online approx. 26% of their discretionary income, which is 5% below the global average.

When it came to personal data protection, Australian consumers seemed to be less worried about retailers collecting their personal data than British and American consumers. 58% of the respondents admitted that, if given the possibility, they would not share their personal data with the retailers. When contrasted to the 70% global average, this percentage shows that Australian consumers are less stressed about giving out their personal data to retailers.

The study also highlights the fact that Australian consumers are comfortable with new heavy players - such as Zara or Forever 21 - entering the Australian marketplace. Against the general concern that the local economy may see itself affected by the arrival of these heavyweight international brands. Despite this 57% of the Australian respondents consider that their buying habits from local retailers will not see themselves significantly altered suggesting a buy more rather than differently approach from the consumer.

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