Amazon has grown to be one of the biggest companies in the World. It's racing the winds with a 27.2% yearly growth which is higher than any other company in the top 10. One of Amazon's great successes is the Buy Box. In this article, we'll be telling you more about the Buy Box powers and giving you a couple of tips on how to win it.

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

If you don't know what the Buy Box is, look at the right corner of an Amazon's product detail screen. Can you see that little blue box staring right at you? Yep, that's our champion. It may seem unimportant to a buyer, but to a seller it's the real deal. As the internet likes to call it, it's the Holy Grail of Amazon. It basically means the most visibility, searches and sales.

Why is winning the Amazon Buy Box important?

Why is winning the Buy Box such a big deal, you ask? Well let me tell you that as a seller, winning the first spot in the Buy Box means you get grand premium placement. Premium placement means that the buyers can easily add your product to their shopping cart with just one click. Sounds great, right? Wait until you hear the best part, what makes Buy Box special is the fact that it's exclusive. Meaning that it defaults to only one lucky seller at a time. So for example if you're the lucky one and a customer uses the “Add to Cart" button, they'll be directly buying from you! How great is that? You'd literally have the best seat in the virtual house of Amazon. Recent stats show that a whopping 70-80% of sales on a product listing come through the buy box!

How to win the Amazon Buy Box?

Now this is the million dollar question, and as life has probably taught you by now; nothing great comes easily. Winning the Buy Box is not an easy task, but it's not out of reach. There are a couple of factors that really matter when it comes to winning the Buy Box. Here are some of them:

  • Your product's price and how competitive it is the most important hence the need for a good Amazon repricer.
  • Your availability, the quicker you respond to orders the better.
  • The time it takes for your product to reach the customer and how fast your shipment is.
  • Having good feedback from previous customers.
  • Having enough inventory in stock, as being out of stock can't help you win the Buy Box!

These are the factors that we think play the biggest part in winning the Buy Box. You'll have yourself a very big chance of winning if you make sure all those factors are close to perfect and are customer-satisfying as possible.