Managing your Amazon inventory always proves to be a difficult task. It gets challenging to constantly keep a clear record of your inventory stock and change your prices over and over so your products would be more competitive in the market. It's true that managing and repricing services might make this mission-impossible relatively easy but it still needs a bit of work keeping up with everything. In this article, we'll be talking to you about Amazon FB inventory management and giving you some insights that will hopefully help you control your inventory with more ease.

What does Fulfillment by Amazon mean?

Integrating with fulfilment by Amazon is very important in Inventory Management. If an item is Fulfilled by Amazon, it means that it's offered by a third-party seller who is independent from Amazon but the product is being shipped by an Amazon Fulfilment centre. And of course, all Amazon policies and shipping rates would apply.

It works like this; when an order gets placed, Amazon packs the product and ships it to the customer from the stock you have already sent to their warehouse. You'll find all the details like the shipment date, package carrier and others listed in your Amazon account. If there happens to be any issues with the product, then Amazon is the one that will take care of customer service and product returns.

Fulfillment By Amazon Tips

Here are some tips that might help you out with handling the FBA, especially if you're a new user.

  • Be aware that you'll have to spend some money in order to earn some more. It is essential to have some start-up capital for the stock.
  • Don't solely rely on Amazon's reports, make sure to build some spreadsheets of your own as Amazon's reports don't really factor in all the details like cost of your goods and time.
  • Never sell inventory for a cost that is under 5$, even if you get it for free. Amazon's fees and the shipping cost WILL rob you of any possible profit.
  • Bundles and Multipacks are your new best friends. They are the best way to make more money, because unlike single items, you won't have as many competitors and the Amazon fees won't affect your profit as much.