With all that is going in the World we feel it is appropriate to draw a little more attention to the positives. Not just for your Amazon and eBay businesses. Seller Republic is a truly global company, we hear from people in a range of situations. From complete lockdown in parts of China, Italy, and Spain to partial lockdown in the UK and varying situations throughout the America's and other parts of the World.

What seems to be clear is that although a recession is on its way, this may be entirely different from that of 2008, which was quite unusual. Generally, recessions are a time of opportunity for those who take it. As this email is reaching you as a person in commercial endeavors, this suggests you will thrive in this period and reap the rewards and / or changes in the coming time that follows.

One thing that is standing out time and time again from the users that we speak to, is a gradual awakening to the fact that a break from traditional life whether in quarantine or otherwise has had some positives. A trigger that has a renewed understanding of the importance of life, whether it is connecting with old friends, family members or just remembering to focus on ourselves. Or even those hobbies, goals or targets, business or personal related. This suggests that potentially the future is very bright and a new way of doing things is on the horizon. Work less, enjoy more, and make the most of ways that you can gain an income, without being a slave to the system. At Seller Republic we would love to work with you, to help you reach your goals and much of this can be done by automation.

  • Tip 1:  Use  Max Price Reset  to ensure your prices rise when your competitors sell out.
  • Tip 2: Adjust your max prices up with caution, being careful to avoid Amazon's price gouging policies. Yet  ensuring any increase in costs associated with natural inflation over this period is taken into account . * For example increases in delivery costs or additional admin fees.
  • Tip 3:  Monitor orders and specifically 'Pending Orders ' closely to understand your market in this period. Check what is high selling, what has a lack of competition and what opportunities there are for maintaining stock quantities.
  • Tip 4:  Look for any opportunities to automate your workload. Whether this is using automation such as  Seller Republic  or streamlining your general workload. An example of this could be arranging suppliers to label on your behalf and shipping directly to FBA.
  • Tip 5: Be on the lookout for any bargains in this period. This could be suppliers or partners looking to maintain trade in over this time. Seller Republic is continuing to offer a  25% discount for 12 months upfront .
  • Tip 6: Use this home time to  explore other online and automated opportunities such as eBay for example. If you need help with that  Seller Bay Republic  can help you optimize your pricing.
  • Tip 7:  Stressless , use this opportunity to eat well, breathe well, and  learn more outside the mainstream media and education to get that one step ahead.

Alternatively if looking to pack up shop and move to the country, various lucrative Amazon shop trading and selling options are available too.

Any thoughts or experiences of what you have learned over these past weeks, please feel free to share.