You requested them and we listened!

We've added an optional Cost field to the product listings of our Amazon repricer as requested by some of our customers. You can enter your cost in bulk via CSV upload or manually on the same page where you assign your strategy and min/max prices.

On the main listings page, when you hover your mouse over your landed price, you will also now see a tooltip showing you your cost and profit as shown in the screenshot above.

To save you time from doing calculations in your head or opening another application, we've also added a profit/loss calculator!

If you've entered a value in the Cost field, we'll instantly show you your profit based on the listing's current landed price and what your profit would be based on your min/max prices. You'll see the values change instantly as you type.

Another benefit of entering your cost is the ability to set min/max prices in bulk by a percentage of them. You don't need to enter a cost to all your listings to use this feature, only those listings that have a cost will be updated.

Hope you guys find these new features useful. If you have other feature suggestions please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us anytime!