We've updated our profit calculator a couple weeks ago thanks to a customer suggestion. He needed a way to input his other costs, such as shipping, taxes, and fees so he could see his total cost and get a more accurate view of his profits. He also asked if we could provide a way to display the profit as a column in the listings table and be able to select the type of profit data to show.

We thought all these are a great idea and something that our other customers would find useful as well so we took care of it right away.

You can see in the screenshot above that in addition to your acquisition cost, you can now also input your tax rate, the Amazon referral fee percentage, your actual shipping cost, and other fees that may apply. Below the fields, you can then see in real time what your total cost is and your profits.

In the Settings page, we've provided additional options for displaying the Profit column and you have more options on the which profit data to show: the profit amount, gross margin, percentage of profit based on total cost, and percentage of profit based on acquisition cost. You can select all of them if you like and they will be displayed in the listings table. You'll also notice that we've provided options to set your default tax rate and Amazon referral fee to save you time from manually typing them in.

Hope you find these new features/enhancements useful. Please feel free to let us know what you think and if you have other suggestions!